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Our  Vision

We Envision to Become and Remain No.1 Educational Institute Group in India.

We intend to have the Most Unique Concept for a School as a Holistic Development Environment for Students.

With the Use of Technology and Innovation, Our Educational Institutes intend to Achieve Heights unattained so far in India. Development of Latest Skills required in Real Life in a fun way in Students through Schools and Colleges is the Primary Objective of "We Wave Group of Schools".

Our Core Purpose is "Every Citizen of India must live a meaningful, happier, confident, empowered and fulfilling life by the means of Effective Education System."

Our Vision is to Revive "The Ancient Gurukul Shikshan Paddhati" (Gurukul Education System) which always focused on developing a Complete Individual who can face the hurdles in real life while growth is a continuous process in his/her life, with inevitable Success.

"We focus 50% on Academic Excellence through various innovative ways and 50% focus is on Non-Academic Real Life Skills Development with our own Curriculum and Unique Activities. You must visit our School for Enquiry to know more about how we implement this and you will be definitely happly after knowing our unique concept and will be surprised that an Indian School can be so Innovative."

"Our School App is one of the Best in the World and you will enjoy all the features in the App. once your child becomes a Student of our School"

Our Values


We must develop leadership qualities in all of our students like being down to earth, act proactively to take responsibilities, be self motivated in all situations and having effective communication skills.


We will remain true to our efforts of rejuvenating the ancient Indian “ Gurukul Shikshan Paddhati” and make it a reality again to make India a true superpower country.


Each of our Students and Teachers must be responsible for the growth of the Society by their appropriate and continuous contribution.


We must be the pioneers of effective, innovative & proven processes and techniques to unleash the true potential of our students and make them use it effectively on their way to success.


“Every citizen of India must live a meaningful, happier, confident, empowered and fulfilling life by the means of effective Education System.”